What I want to see.



Post 2 out of 10 before the end of 2017. Ten moments with a few words

(and some Easter eggs) to share how I feel about the year I have just lived. In no particular order because I don't play favorites (yes I do). 


This was the moment that changed my life forever. I had just finished my run as a Critter at the barn, hosted HUMP!, and was in the middle of a killer season at Arthaus 3.0! Don't worry, I made sure to balance all that out by burying myself in seasonal depression and half assed attempts at dating complete duds. Treating myself better needed to be at the top of my todo list. It must have been at that exact moment that the stars aligned and I was asked to perform for the Henry Gala. I love performing in clubs, but I never dreamed of it. I didn't even know clubs existed when I was spending my afternoons performing to trees in Rockingham County, NC as a kid. I always wanted to be bold and beautiful in more "usual" settings.I think this came from constantly feeling powerful because I was misunderstood. No one was like me and uniqueness is scary to a small town. This was my chance to step out.


In order to celebrate someone's work, you MUST learn from it first. We weren't lip-syncing by the way.Our role was to create a performance art piece that connected the segments of the evening like liquid mercury, flowing effortlessly, celebrating Chuck Close. I will spare the details.What you need to know is that I wasn't alone


I was surrounded by so much love during this process. This group truly showed up for me and I will forever stand by each one of them.


There is one person who made sure this event changed me. Michael styled each performer from head to toe and spent countless hours guiding me through this. Reminder, this was mama's first time at bat in the big leagues. I am grateful to have his eyes looking out for me.Michael once told me, "Its like you weren't seeing what you wanted to see and you get up there and you do it."


Rewind to a few weeks before this event when my friend Shawn asked me to sell merch for Trixie Mattel(my fav RU-girl). He said something about how I could do that sort of show. What I am getting at is this was the moment that I said It Gets Wetter was going to happen.


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