I want my MTV!


Post 4 of 10 before the end of 2017. Ten moments with a few words (and a few Easter eggs) to share how I feel about the year I have just lived. In no particular order because I don't play favorites (yes I do). 

 The rare moments I was able to flip through cable TV are some of the most vivid memories I have of childhood. We didn't have cable so this only happened when I stayed with my second mother, Clarice. She was retired and slept in until mid morning so I had a list of chores to complete and then a few hours to ruin my mind. I was of the age to be watching Nickelodeon, but what a snooze that was. MTV was in the end of the "good years" and some iconic videos were playing. My favorite was the video for Human Behavior. 

I remember the anger that took over my being when Mariah Carey wasn't in the top ten videos of the day. Oh, and I wanted Fiona's hair.

  When De Fontaine asked me to create a video for one of their tracks, my mind ran to these memories. I have known Erika and Zach for a decade as artists and friends and the chance to collaborate across country brought us together in a new way. I would like to mention this isn't my first time on camera.


  No one made any money off this project. This is one of those moments when you realize that all of the hard work, the patience, the ambition that I witnessed in myself and in the team behind it created something because we wanted to. We added something to the world. We did a thing. We worked our butts off and now we get to watch it on a giant screen at Northwest Film Forum. Erika & Zach flew across the country to watch it with us and if you read this before 5pm you're invited to join us as well. 

  This year has been a dream and I am terrified that one day I'll wake up and realize I have just wet the bed

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