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Post 7 of 10. Ten moments with a few words(and a few Easter eggs) to share how I feel about the year I have just lived. In no particular order because I don't play favorites(yes I do). 


During my 20s I realized that a lot of what I learned as a child just wasn't true. I'm sure we talked about the Big Bang, but God was the reason for earth. Pair this with my residency inside a cloud of intoxicating smoke and well, I felt really dumb


Since May 7th, I have asked just over 1,000 questions. It all starts with current affairs. This year we laughed at Sean Spicer, a family who somehow lost a 77lb tortoise, and most everything that Taylor Swift did. We raised a glass to June Foray, Dick Gregory, and Tom Petty. You paid attention to the news because I asked you to. That was the goal. If we aren't paying attention it will all keep happening without us. 


I spend a few hours each week researching the questions I bring to trivia. This has become my education. I always promised myself that Betty would be smart. If drag has anything to do with the way we view women, I want to make sure that Betty leads with wisdom and power. That isn't enough though. How do I make sure we don't get too full of ourselves? I leave my audience with a very simple message each week. 


Someone on the street this week needs a smile. Someone in a line somewhere needs you to be patient. Someone you see is having a hard go at it and just needs you to be nice. If you lead with kindness you can do no wrong. No balloons will drop down and you won't receive a big prize, but the world needs it. And I know you are the people to carry this out because you are out supporting a drag queen. Thank you for your kindness and please join us Sundays at 6!



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