Post 8 of 10. Ten moments with a few words(and a few Easter eggs) to share how I feel about the year I have just lived. In no particular order because I don't play favorites(yes I do).


It could be the moment I walked into the kitchen needing to admit to someone that I was depressed. Or maybe it was one of the times I was spewing nonsensical soliloquies while he set the tone with guitar accompaniment. Whatever it was, I am grateful. Steven is my greatest ally irl and a kick ass sidekick on stage.


Steven and Betty make sense as a team because their anxieties compliment each other. Betty's is an instrument of destruction while Steven's is more timid and internalized. That is just the fantasy world though. Our friendship is built on the mutual interest in constantly creating and bettering our talent. What can we do next is always on the table. What will we do next? 


A lot of people know Steven as the shirtless guy from the poster. His talent doesn't end there. Steven is currently creating instrumental tracks for the next episode of It Gets Wetter for Betty to sing with as well as organizing this website and has been a huge part of my shows. At West End Girls he gets more attention as a stage kitten than most of the queens. 


Last night he said he would make pancakes this morning and I haven't heard from him yet so hopefully he will get to work when he reads this. 




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