The White Wall is NOW!



Post 9 of 10. Ten moments with a few words(and a few Easter eggs) to share how I feel about the year I have just lived. In no particular order because I don't play favorites(yes I do).


Londyn Bradshaw plays taxi to all of the bodies who can fit each month on the way to West End Girls(because she is an angel). This queen has crowns, yet she comes to get me last night and her interest is in my wall. I giggled. 


It is just a wall in my house. I swear if you blow on the standing lamp I use for lighting it would spin off the last groove of screw holding it on and come crashing down. iPhoneSE(set on screen facing cam/3sec timer) is propped against three dvd sets of Lord of the Rings(which I have never seen) on top of a DVD player that is holding a Roseanne dvd hostage. If I or the camera move the tiniest bit you can see the outlet that everything is powered by. 


I was proud of my face that night and I had styled my hair because mama was playing with the Manila family that night. This was the first time I used the white wall. At first it didn't stick but eventually I started what will hopefully become a sort of look book that I can reflect on. And in my private collection the outtakes from each session shall remain. 

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