Post 10 of 10. Ten moments with a few words(and a few Easter eggs) to share how I feel about the year I have just lived. In no particular order because I don't play favorites(yes I do).


Y'all. Your screams have become as familiar as your faces. Your energy nourishes me and I shit it back out on stage for you. I do this for you just as much as I do it for myself. 


I achieve my goal every time I step off stage and someone shares their connection to what I have done. 


You're not always so giving though. There were nights when I desperately scanned the audience for a familiar face, wishing someone would just hit the laugh track and the blank stares from strangers would disappear. The challenge of expanding into new venues and introducing my character to people who might not get it was very real this year. I had to stand on the confidence I gained from your love and support to get me through those times and for that I say thank you. Cheers to another year of vibrant adventures together and thank you for every dollar. 

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